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Real Estate / Property Matters

The Real Estate team of Universal Legal consists of specialist lawyers advising on structuring, negotiating, documenting and execution realty transactions. Members of our team have assisted developers, landowners, companies and personal purchasers in reference to an effort, selling, leasing and licensing Industrial, business, and residential property.

More specifically our areas of practice include:

  • Acquisition, sale, and disposal of property, whether or not administrated one by one or through realty corporations and/or funds
  • Real estate funds
  • Construction, development, and re-development comes
  • Project finance
  • Special Economic Zones
  • Specialized contracts, industrial or edifice connected comes
  • Leases, licenses, agency, property and facility management
  • Business conducting and distribution arrangements
  • Due diligence and title certification

We advise on:

  • Indian legal consultant for all services in banking laws in the Republic of India
  • DRT and DRAT matters
  • Negotiable Instruments Act matters, Cheque bouncing matters
  • FEMA compliances
  • Bank loan matters
  • NBFC compliances
  • Asset Management
  • Banking Regulation Law
  • Bank Merger and Acquisition
  • Consortium loaning
  • Debt securities

Establishment/Closure of banking workplace

  • Foreign exchange
  • Leasing and quality finance
  • Loan documentation
  • Restructuring and compliances
  • Securitization of movable and stable assets
  • Trade finance

Labour, Industrial And Service Laws:

Labour-Management disputes, Industrial unrest, employment and repair contracts, appointment, service conditions of the labour, Payment of minimum wages, Bonus, Pension, Gratuity, and medical allowances, Payment of compensation to the workmen World Health Organization suffered throughout the course of employment, Government service of each State and Central within the labour Court Labour welfare Officer, Conciliation conferences convened

by the Labour Commissioner, state supreme court and Industrial and body Tribunals. Disciplinary actions, conducting Domestic inquiries, questioning, and defensive the terminations, Promotions of the workers, workmen, and staffs within the industrial institutions and

Banking and Finance

Banking and restructuring are core follow areas of our Legal companies judicature Advocate and Supreme Court Advocate. The judicature Advocate and Supreme Court Advocate in our Legal Firm offer legal recommendation & legal services in Asian country for Debt Recovery assembly, Credit Debt, Debt Management, Debt Relief, Debt recommendation, Debt answer, Debt Settlement, Bad Debt, Debt Consolidation, Debt Recovery, Debt assortment, India Debt, Debt Equity, Debt Ratio, Debt Market, Debt fund, OTS: just the once Settlement & NPA: Non-Performing Assets

The judicature Advocate and Supreme Court Advocate in our Legal Firm recommendation purchasers on drafting numerous|of varied|of assorted} banking documents and supply legal opinions on various law connected matters and represent them within the courts of an urban center, Mumbai, Guwahati, and city.

Banking Law covers a large type of topics concerning the regulation of banks, bank officers, and non-bank establishments that provide bank services. It involves such problems as deposit and trust accounts, state laws that shield shoppers financially, the prohibition against discrimination within the allocation of credit, electronic banking and fund transfer systems, limitations on the revelation of confidential money info, and Mastercard agreements and services.

Contracts & Agreements:

  • Incorporating company, subsidiary, or venture
  • Corporate Structuring & Tax coming up with
  • Cultural coaching
  • Employee Agreements & Policies
  • All different needs in Outsourcing

Intellectual Property Law:

The property, Communications and Technology team at Universal Legal have suggested each national and international purchasers in characteristic, protective and implementing their property (IP) and knowledge Technology (IT) works. Our informatics observe is broad travel, from all aspects of patent, trademark, and copyright law and connected aspects of informatics law. Members of the team undertake full vary of informatics services together with procedural filings, registrations, searches, inspection, protection & social control, negotiations, licensing, assignments, franchising, advise and illustration all told kinds of informatics claims, disputes and legal proceeding.

Corporate & Commercial Matters:

The Corporate & a business team of Universal Legal has suggested on a variety of various transactions. Members of our team have acted on behalf of venture capitalists, personal equity funds, banks, money establishments, acquirers and sellers in transactions. we’ve provided on-going support to our shoppers in the slightest degree stages of a company‚Äôs activities from incorporation, business development and restructuring. Further, we’ve conjointly portrayed shoppers in structuring, drafting, negotiating and finalizing of dealings documentation.

Scrutiny of Documents:

Initial steps towards property purchase, Scrutiny of title deeds of the property is that the initial Associate in Nursing foremost exercise the purchasers advocate needs to undertake before getting into an agreement with the vendor. A clean and marketable title, free from all doubts and encumbrances unconditional with physical possession, is incredibly vital. The possession of the titleholder may be derived from the title deeds and revenue records.

Legal Documentations:

Tuning to the important estate market strategy getting into AN agreement for purchase, sale, investment and consequently conveying and drafting the appropriate documents for lease, renting, mortgage, sale, settlement, gifts and power of professional. Construction of Multi-Storied Buildings of business and residential character and aiding within the selling of constant and post-purchase agreements lease or contract for service residences etc are managed effectively.

Civil Matters:

All Civil Suits touching on Partition Suits, Injunction Suits, cash Suits, execution Suits, Ejectment Suit, Suits about Partnership, Contract, Rent management Cases, problems about House-owner and Tenant, Fixation of truthful Rent etc.,

Criminal Matters:

Criminal cases regarding Customs, Central Excise prosecutions, hindrance of Corruption Act, white collared economic offences as well as the offences against the State like outlined in Indian legal code. Negotiable Instruments Act, personal Complaints like violence Act, ladies Harassment Act, Defamation Cases etc., we tend to also are specialised in getting Bail and Anticipatory Bail and look before the justice Court until Supreme Court for defensive the interest of litigator. we tend to also are conducting the criminal trial and quash petitions and appeals before the proceeding courts

NRI matters
Foreign Direct Investment
Company law
NRI Provisions:
Joint Ventures:

An agreement between 2 corporations from totally different countries or 2 countries for mutual assistance is called venture. the venture is associate degree agreement for mutual facilitate and profit. it’s a kind of partnership between countries at international level. Joint means that along and ventures mean that project.

Match creating
Joint Venture choices & designing
Drafting venture