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Apartment culture is step by step obtaining established altogether railroad cities and other people are buying flats as they supply security and community living.

Purchase of flats/apartments is associate degree altogether totally different dealings from that of purchase of associate degree freelance house. additionally, to the multiple laws governing immobile property transactions, the living accommodations possession Act and Rules play a really crucial role in the purchase of flats. additionally, to the owner, the builder and promoter conjointly come into the image and customer conjointly finds it tough to grasp the construct of super designed up-area, carpet space, common space, amenities, undivided share, a formation of housing Cooperative Societies etc.

This book could be a comprehensive one and deals well the property laws, taxation choice of a decent builder, the Mysore living accommodations possession Act 1972. The living accommodations Owners Association Bye-laws etc., in an exceeding shell this book could be a compendium for the acquisition of flats/apartments, that deals with all the aspects regarding the Apartments/Flats in an exceedingly comprehensive and easy manner.


This book may be a guide and reference, for the good thing about those engaged in shopping for and commerce, the scholars of law and also the individuals at massive. This book is exclusive in the maximum amount as that it covers vital and helpful topics for data and steerage of investors. This book intricately deals with the intricacies concerned in shopping for a property and it takes the readers United Nations agency could also be a common person, step by step in numerous procedures concerned in shopping for a property. the assorted steps concerned like a choice of location, choosing the builder, care to be taken in shopping for sites, scrutiny of title deeds, numerous legal provisions just in case of property, giving notice before purchase, availing finance tax aspects etc. Once an individual goes through this book, it offers him a transparent image concerning the buying the property.


The laws governing immoveable property transactions are complicated. there’s a large vary of citations facing video vary of issues bearing on property transactions. The doubts of every and each person ar typically distinctive and completely different and that they expect an advocate to provide competent recommendation and steerage to the purchasers. They don’t would like AN elaborate legal comment which frequently confuses them.This book is aimed at creating the items easier for the someone. It is a helpful guide for those that have doubt a few specific downside and that they will notice answers to their doubts. this can be in question and answers type and presents the property laws in straightforward graspable language, whereas handling the overall areas of interest for the layperson.


This book covers the varied aspects or registration and steps concerned with registration. It provides helpful data to the readers by managing numerous Acts connected with Registration of all types of document and specifically deals intricately vital provisions of Laws and Mysore Stamp Act, Mysore Registration Rules, Mysore Municipality Act, Mysore Municipal Corporation Act, Mysore Panchayath dominion and additionally the jurisdiction of varied Sub Registrar Offices. This book may be an enchiridion for not solely the final public, however additionally for advocates, developers, Promoters property consultants, document writers and land agents United Nations agency profit vastly from this.


Shri SelvakumarĀ is that the editor of realty newsperson, a comprehensive monthly magazine commercial enterprise the topics of public interest regarding the property developments in a metropolis and additionally within the Country for over a decade uninterruptedly. it’s been found to be helpful by the final Public, Developers, Housing Finance establishments, Advocates, realty Agents, Property Consultants, Architects and Civil Engineers, for change their data within the property matters.